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favorites that you would find in any Yemeni home

We are passionate about food and eating together.  Home food.  Delicious, savoury, warm and so comforting.  We make a traditional recipe for Yemeni-style lamb haneeth (slow roasted lamb) which has never been offered in Vancity before.  We could not find anything remotely similar to Yemeni cuisine in Vancity, so — we decided to make our own and share the love! From 12,710 kilometers away, comes this delicious recipe from Sana’a, Yemen.  It is so scrumptious that non-lamb eaters have converted to lamb LOVERS! Join us in sharing this delectable treat and such a rich culture.  From our family to yours, we welcome you!

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Taste of Yemen
Real authentic Yemeni cuisine in Vancity - 100% Halal
For Family & Special Events

Serving sizes:

Single portion (small) $15.99 – Comes with 1 lamb shank
Single portion (large) $21.99 – Comes with 2 lamb shanks.

We require minimum 3 hours notice for small orders, and 24 hours for a full lamb or more. Delivery charges may apply depending on location.

1/4 lamb (6-9 people) $149.99

Comes with a fluffy Basmati Rice, Salad, Yemeni-Style Tomato Hot Sauce!

1/2 lamb (12-16 people) $249.99

Comes with a fluffy Basmati Rice, Salad, Yemeni-Style Tomato Hot Sauce!

Full lamb (22-28 people) $449.99

Comes with a fluffy Basmati Rice, Salad, Yemeni-Style Tomato Hot Sauce!


Rated 4.9
  • Ordered one chicken hanith and one lamb hanith (with two shanks). Easy co-ordination and location for pick-up (Surrey). The order was for one person. I find the price to be fair if the rice was just slightly more.. Packaging was solid, especially the lamb, as no spill occured. Courtesy spoon/fork/tissues were given as well as yemeni hot sauce called Sahawiq (dont know how authentic it was as I never tried it before). I hope to see more dishes and variety in future and staying true to the yemeni traditional food culture (such as the Hadrami muqasqas, a proper qahwa (plz no starbucks inspired qahwa), shakshuka, khubz and madfun. Food was tasty and enough for two. Recommend to others. Barak Allahu fikum.

    Adeeb Shums
  • Before today I had never imagined having Yemeni foods here in Vancouver. So when the news that a new Yemeni restaurant opens for business comes to my ears I wasted no time placing an order. At the time of writing this post I just finished a large portion of the rice and meats really I only have good things to say about it, the tender and juicy meats as well as the scented rice everything makes me want to order again pretty soon!!

    Amal Chou
  • To be honest, I hate lamb. But Yemen Haneeth’s lamb is DELICIOUS! It is the only lamb I will eat. You’ve gotta try it!!

    Crystal Seng
  • I’ve had their Haneeth twice and it was really amazing. Finally, we have an authentic Yemeni Food in Vancouver BC.

    Raskhan Kaderi
  • SO TASTY! It’s lamb like you have never had before mashaAllah!

    Brenda Seng

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Published on: April 13, 2017

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